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Born in Virginia and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, I eventually returned to Virginia, drawn by my fervent support for Washington D.C. sports teams. My journey in the service industry spans over 19 years, with the last 7 years flourishing here in Austin—a city I chose for its vibrant food scene, rich culture, and endless entertainment.

I'm a former collegiate soccer player from Belhaven College in Jackson, Mississippi. Besides soccer, I am an avid bowler, proud of achieving a perfect 300 game. When I'm not serving up drinks or striking out pins, I'm at home with my two dogs, who are as much a part of my family as they are my biggest fans. My love for dogs extends beyond my own; I have a huge heart for every dog I meet. Swing by Lavaca Street - South Lamar and let's share stories over your favorite drink!


Born and bred in Austin, I am a true Austinite through and through, and I wear my Texan heritage with pride. I've been immersed in the service industry for 5 years, thanks to my mom who mentored me in the art of bartending. Her guidance not only skilled me behind the bar but also instilled in me a profound love for this craft.

I cherish the sense of community that our industry fosters and the incredible people I meet every day. My aspiration is to remain in this vibrant industry and eventually open my own bar, which I dream of passing down to my son Elijah, should he choose to follow in my footsteps.

I'm looking forward to welcoming you to Lavaca Street Bar - South Lamar. We have a fantastic time here, and I can't wait to make you part of the family we've built at Lavaca!

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Hello! I'm Beau, originally from Beaumont, Texas. My bartending journey began in San Marcos during my college years where I studied physical therapy. I quickly developed a knack for crafting perfect shots and mixing whiskey, which propelled me to a management role at the Black Rabbit Saloon. Following a brief diversion into real estate in Ohio, I discovered that my heart truly belongs to mixology and the vibrant bar atmosphere.

I have since contributed my skills at both Lavaca Street Bar locations, as well as at Mean Eyed Cat and Gibson Street Bar. My dedication and passion have earned me the position of Lead Bartender at Lavaca Street Bar - South Lamar. When I'm not behind the bar, I enjoy staying active at the gym, relaxing near any body of water, and passing on my mixology wisdom to aspiring bartenders. Join me at Lavaca Street - South Lamar for a drink where the mixology magic happens daily!